This coming September (2017) I will be embarking on a new adventure at the University of Hertfordshire. I will be undertaking an MA in ‘Music and Sound for Film, Television and Video Games’. I am hoping to document and share my progress with anyone who might be interested. And so, I decided to take it one step further and also document my recent achievements during my BA (Hons) Media Studies degree course.

My career in media began as a freelancer operating from my own private studio. It was a modest home studio setup but good enough to further develop my skills and keep up with technology, particularly at a time when PC based systems were starting to compete commercially with its ageing analogue counterparts. I also made good use of my time by freelancing for GBC as a Programme Control Operator, which introduced me to the professional world of broadcasting.

Eventually an opening arose and I landed the post of Audio Technician for GBC, which happened to be the only audio related position within the corporation. During this time I was responsible for setting up and manning audio equipment for all studio and location recordings and live programmes. I worked on a split shift so as to service the station’s requirements during the daytime hours whilst still accommodating for the evening transmission.

In 2005 I decided to accept a job offer to work for a local sound and vision provider. I took this opportunity to gain further experience in live stage production and lighting. Soon I had the opportunity to re-join GBC as an Audio/Visual Operator within the production department. I took this opportunity in pursuance of more professional knowledge and experience.

As a member of the production team I acquired extensive experience in online and offline editing, producing and directing (whilst vision mixing). I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to continuously act for the post of Producer/Director for two years, offering the chance to produce and direct both live and pre-recorded studio programmes as well as outside broadcasts. When my acting status was terminated due to lack of funding, I was seconded to the News Department where, for two years, I enjoyed working with the news team in preparing and editing news reports and other news items such as interviews, GVs, and transmission VTs. I was also regularly asked to assist in compiling more intricate graphical video montages not within the basic editing skills of the news reporters.

After enjoying a brief spell as a freelance operator, in November 2012 I accepted a position as Technician for the HE Journalism and Media department at University Centre Harlow. Although I highly value my professional experience to date, I always regretted not having acquired a degree at the right time, and this position has provided a fantastic opportunity to explore that possibility. As well as enhancing my past experience both professionally and personally, it has also given me the chance to acquaint myself with Adobe’s Premiere Pro (having always been a Final Cut user) and Newtek’s Tricaster.

Throughout my working life I have gathered extensive experience in audio recording (studio and location), audio editing, audio mixing and mastering, camera work (studio and location), lighting, video editing, virtual studio production, post-production, as well as in pre-production and directing. I have acquired a deep understanding of key Apple software packages such as Logic Studio Pro and Final Cut Studio Pro (including Motion, Compressor and  DVD Studio Pro). Most recently, I have furthered my knowledge and experience to include Adobe’s Creative Suite (including – but not limited to – Premiere Pro, Encore, Audition and Photoshop). I have also gained significant experience and expertise using Tricaster broadcasting systems.